Excellent Customer Service

Top Culinary Veterans

Each member of our roster has been carefully hand picked by Miguel throughout his many years of working with the best caterers in the city. We have accumulated decades of industry experience in every catering environment and every type of event.

Versatile and Professional

Whether you need temporary assistance with prep or an elite on-call crew to execute your menus, we have the staff to fulfill your event needs. Our chefs have paid their dues and know the in’s and out’s of any kitchen setup, enabling us to proudly say “There’s no task we can’t tackle!”

Certified Food Handlers

Food safety in preparation is our number one priority. That is why all of our chefs are required to have their Food Handlers Certification to ensure the highest degree of food safety will be used when servicing your valued clients & guests.


Lead Chef

Our Lead Chefs are trained to execute your menu with any given team when your in-house leaders are unavailable or when you have a large team of cooks to manage. They have countless years of experience catering in a multitude of events, including but not limited to; intimate plated dinners, large corporate celebrations and functions and cocktail parties.

Assistant Chef

Our Assistant Chefs are the most versatile and efficient. They take commands from the Lead Chef, and are the soldiers on the front line who are capable of completing tasks of any size.

Prep Cooks

Our prep cooks have been disciplined with a “Heads down and get it done!” attitude. They are extremely efficient and organized and will maximize productivity in your kitchen, giving your Lead and Assistant Chefs everything they need to succeed, exactly when they need it.

Dish Washer

There’s nothing like cooking dinner without having to worry about the dishes. Our Dishwashers are masters of maintenance, and are not afraid of getting down dirty! 

Service Details

We like to be completely transparent about our terms and conditions. Below are some of the terms that you’ll be agreeing to when you hire our staff.

5 Hour Minimum

Each staff booking must be a minimum of 5 hours in order for us to reserve your staff for events/gigs, it is simply not worth their time to book a day off their busy schedules for anything less. Our chefs also understand that each booking is set with an approximate end time, and that they may need to stay longer than expected upon request.


If for any reason you need to cancel an event/gig, we kindly ask that you contact us 48 hours notice for us to contact all scheduled staff to advise them of the cancellation. Please note that the deposit will not be refunded if the cancellation notice is sent within 14 days prior to the event.


For new clients and private parties, we require a 50% deposit no later than 14 days prior to the event to secure your staffing needs. This deposit; is not refundable, will be paid out to scheduled staff if the event/gig is cancelled, and can be used as credit for rescheduling.

Travel Expenses

If you require our staff to travel outside of our service area for an event/gig, a travel expense will be charged at the staffs’ hourly wage for the time it takes to travel to and from the venue to compensate for their time, mileage & gas.


We do understand that unforeseen circumstances may occur, therefore, we will credit your deposit if the event/gig is rescheduled within 48 hours prior to the initial event/gig date.

Last Minute Booking

Due to the fact that our staff are independent contractors and have very busy schedules, it can be difficult to request them with less than 48 hours notice. In order to guarantee staff for your request, we have implemented an additional “last minute booking fee” of $5/hr.